BlackBerry 10 Commercial


We released a pre-super bowl commercial for the new BlackBerry 10 Launch. Just 2 days before the actual super bowl, the commercial went viral around the web reaching over 200,000+ views in less than 1 day. See it below:

One of the biggest BlackBerry media outlet, CrackBerry took notice and here is a snippet of what Kevin Michaluk said,

“HELL YEAH! This BlackBerry pre-Super Bowl commercial just popped up on youtube, via Toronto-based Pixelcarve. This is not an official BlackBerry video. This is same agency that came up with the BlackBerry Blade concept phone. Just because it’s not official doesn’t mean it’s not awesome though. Watch it now!”

– Source: CrackBerry “Must See”

2 days later, the BlackBerry 10 commercial was launched at the Super Bowl (Third Quarter) followed by a Bell Commercial that featured the Z10. You can watch the commercial below here:

Needless to say, we’re very excited because we’re huge BlackBerry fans. While writing this update, Globe & Mail has published an article ‘Best Day Ever’ for a BlackBerry Canadian Launch showing that BlackBerry, is on it’s way back including record sales.

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