January 2016


6 Secrets & Lessons to Building Your Own Brand


“I want to, but…” is probably the single most frequently used comment I hear when I speak to friends, family, and crowds when it comes to starting something new. Whether it’s about starting a new business, going on a diet, planning an evening, or writing a blog, everyone seems to have an excuse for why they shouldn’t do it. We’re all smart people, so let’s...

Find Your Motivational Tactic


Motivation is critical if you want to be successful in business. However, it isn’t just about your motivation, it’s about influencing those in your team so they are motivated to achieve alongside you. Motivating your team, even to do menial tasks, can improve your whole business, lower costs and open up new opportunities for you that you haven’t realised before. But how can you find that...

One change to help your kids to be more successful


I didn’t write this, but I think from time to time I’d like to keep a history of articles that are well written with solid experience & advice that I’m implementing with my kids. I take no credit, below is written by Angie Aker that was posted on Upworthy. Why didn’t anybody tell me this? When expecting a child, a lot of parents tend to read anything they can get their...