Jeremy Choi

I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, mentor, and an irredeemable golf addict. Possibly like you, my big hairy audacious goal (vision) is to make a positive dent in this world. I write about creating better leaders, workers, and people. I also write about my experiences in all aspects of my life. These ideas are my experiences living & learning through my own core values; integrity, authenticity, leadership, inspire, and health.

6 Things I’ve Learned Training with Professional Athletes

Jeremy Squatting

Athletes and Entrepreneurs are alike. We’re both competitive individuals chasing a dream. And the more I’ve been training at this gym, the more I see these similarities. I’ve been in and out of the gym for about 5 years, but in the last 2 years, I’ve started to take it more seriously because, in order for me to take care of others, I must take care of myself first. So here are the 6...

3 Things You Need to Focus on when Motivating Your Team


The beginning of the year is full of new resolutions and goal setting, but is the start of a new year really the time to be thinking about goal setting? Picture this, you attend an amazing motivational and inspirational conference, and at the end, you’re full of inspiration and drive to set out changing the world. This excitement and push last about a few days to a few weeks; maybe you’ve started...

How to raise kinder, less entitled kids (according to science)


Maybe it was that time you took the kids to the amusement park, and on the way home — their adorable faces still sticky from the slushies you’d sprung for, their little wrists adorned with pricey full-day passes — they asked to stop for ice cream. You declined, and they yelled, “We never get to do anything!” Or the time you asked them to dust the living room after you had vacuumed the house...

Featured on Asian Entrepreneur


Jeremy Choi has several enterprises. His focus as an entrepreneur is on the impact he leaves behind in the world. His latest venture is WPUP, a website business. What’s your story? I was born into a typical Asian family where my parents wanted me to be a doctor, lawyer or an engineer. I tried that path and just couldn’t find passion in it.  I applied for jobs and no one would hire me, so out of...

Why Stories Matter


There is nothing more important than storytelling when promoting your brand. It isn’t a new concept, but one that is frequently not utilized well enough to grab the attention of the audience and because of this, I often find businesses are missing out on the chance to engage prospects and convert them into customers. But why do stories matter so much? 1. They Create A Personal Connection Talking...

6 Secrets & Lessons to Building Your Own Brand


“I want to, but…” is probably the single most frequently used comment I hear when I speak to friends, family, and crowds when it comes to starting something new. Whether it’s about starting a new business, going on a diet, planning an evening, or writing a blog, everyone seems to have an excuse for why they shouldn’t do it. We’re all smart people, so let’s...

Find Your Motivational Tactic


Motivation is critical if you want to be successful in business. However, it isn’t just about your motivation, it’s about influencing those in your team so they are motivated to achieve alongside you. Motivating your team, even to do menial tasks, can improve your whole business, lower costs and open up new opportunities for you that you haven’t realised before. But how can you find that...

One change to help your kids to be more successful


I didn’t write this, but I think from time to time I’d like to keep a history of articles that are well written with solid experience & advice that I’m implementing with my kids. I take no credit, below is written by Angie Aker that was posted on Upworthy. Why didn’t anybody tell me this? When expecting a child, a lot of parents tend to read anything they can get their...