6 Things I’ve Learned Training with Professional Athletes

Jeremy Squatting

Athletes and Entrepreneurs are alike. We’re both competitive individuals chasing a dream. And the more I’ve been training at this gym, the more I see these similarities. I’ve been in and out of the gym for about 5 years, but in the last 2 years, I’ve started to take it more seriously because, in order for me to take care of others, I must take care of myself first. So here are the 6...

T1 @ GTAAT Ultra 94 Classic

GTAAT - Cedar Brae - Jeremy Choi

Scarborough, ON (August 11, 2014) Today, the 15th event of the GTA Am Tour season was played: The Ultra 94™ Classic hosted at the historic Cedar Brae Golf & Country Club. A field of 75 competitors would compete on the scenic and challenging Cedar Brae G&CC, a par 71, 6,521 yard layout that winds lazily through the beautiful Rouge Valley with picturesque fairways, healthy and fast greens...

T1 @ GTAAT Mazda Majors

Jeremy Choi - Lining up the Putt

Caledon ON (July 14, 2014) – This week, the GTA AM Tour players competed in the third and final Major of the 2014 Tour season, a two day, 36-hole event, where Myrtle Beach Order of Merit points and the prizing are increased by 50%!! The Tour would make a return visit to Osprey Valley Resort, where two months ago, players were tested on the Toot Course, playing in the Golf Away Tours Tussle...

LPS: It’s a way of life


My firms, XC Agency & Pixelcarve has come together to produce a video to showcase what LPS Athletic Centre is all about. This is the gym I train at during my off season, and I’m proud to be a part of this. Spot me at 0:46. Shoutout to Ryan Priest & Curtis Priest (Spot him at 0:58) for being the lead director and editor on this project. LPS Athletic Centre works with athletes and a...

Becoming Par | Goals Accomplished


No, not par yet. However I’ve set out some goals this year like becoming stronger and getting to a single digit handicap. Well, 3 weeks back I was officially dropped to a 9.6 handicap! Much of this success comes from training on and off the course. And I would say 90% of it came from short game as you can tell from the latest stats on GolfShot. Of course, being stronger does certainly help...

Cambridge Cup 2012


On behalf of the Cambridge Food & Wine Society, I chair an annual charitable golf tournament.  This year, we’re hosting it at the Lionhead Golf & Country Club on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012. Every year, golfers at all skill levels (hackers and avid golfers) come out to compete & network with new people, and see old friends.  Unlike many charity tournaments, our format is...

Becoming Par | No Excuses


When the weather has been so nice, it’s been difficult to want to train nor practice. I tend to just want to play a round again, and again. One week, I even played 9 rounds. Also doesn’t help that Nick Starchuk is now at a private club and not really able to continue to teach as much. But it’s no excuse not to do what I need to do to best to improve my golf game. My trainer Clance from LPS gave...

Team Bacon | 109 out of 445 for Citychase


June 23rd, 2012 – Ivy & I participated in my first CityChase event this past Saturday.  Fun & exhausting day but after a great 5 hours and 2 mins, we finally crossed the finish line.   Shoutout to Connie for being our phone a friend support — couldn’t have finished as fast without you. If you have no idea what CityChase is, think Amazing Race, but local.  See video below...

Becoming Par | T3 @ GTA AM TOUR – Brantford GC&C


Best weather conditions this year by far, minus the heavy winds. Today, at Brantford Golf & Country Club, my friend Cyril Ma cadied for me. Although, we had both never played this course before — with a carefully marked pin sheet, GolfShot GPS, Bushnell Range Finder, and the course layout card … we managed.
Couple of things I’ve learned are

Becoming Par | B Flight – T2 @ Glen Abbey


After a cold and disappointing performance at the Coppinwood event, I played the Golf Town National Amateur series the following day. This is my first GTNAS event, and I was pretty excited to place in second place shooting an 86 in the B Flight — earned a $270 GT gift card ($160 registration came with a $10 lunch voucher, cart, range, etc.)
The GTNAS events are always

Becoming Par | Wind, Rain & Cold @ Coppinwood


Today, I had great company with me at the GTA AM Tour Event @ Coppinwood. If you haven’t played this course before, it is beautiful and it probably has one of the best practice facility I’ve been to. Unfortunately mother nature didn’t favour us today as it was cold, rainy, and windy. 3 things you probably don’t want to have together. I did not win this event, but that doesn’t matter. I was just...

Becoming Par | The Path


Great news, I’m down to weighing 151 lbs, but my strength has grown tremendously. I can bench: 195lbs, squat: 230lbs, 12 full clean chin ups, and dead lift about 240lbs (just started with dead lift). This new program LPS has me on is a 4 time a week program consisting of squats 3 of the 4 workout days. As for golf, I have been spending a lot of time putting in my condo, and at Lakeshore Links...

Becoming Bar | The Downswing


I have to admit, with workout training 3-5 days a week, and a lot of events in the new years, I barely had time to practice. Also, to keep me motivated, I’ve joined an actual competition with my friends to see who can get abs before May 1st, 2012. About 15 of us, are all competing to see who can lose the most fat to weight percentage and get abs. Woman (leaner stomache), Men (abs). So this has...

Becoming Par | Backswing Takeaway and Hinge


From the last lesson, Nick gave me homework of:
HOMEWORK: #1 Practice to take away, get used to it. Video tape myself, and make what’s uncomfortable, comfortable because it is right.
RESULTS: Success.
HOMEWORK: #2 Use an 8 iron, and get my ball speed up above 110mph+. Ideally, he wants me at 115. Not club head speed, but ball speed, that’s the only thing he cares about… for now.