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No, not par yet. However I’ve set out some goals this year like becoming stronger and getting to a single digit handicap. Well, 3 weeks back I was officially dropped to a 9.6 handicap! Much of this success comes from training on and off the course. And I would say 90% of it came from short game as you can tell from the latest stats on GolfShot. Of course, being stronger does certainly help as par 5s seem reachable in 2 (or at least real close for a chip), and par 4s are usually driver, mid iron or wedges. 

Here is a recap of the 2012 goals (bolded are my comments):

  1. Practice more at a facility that can track the stats I need to improve. I have chosen Lakeshore Links Indoor Golf as my off and in-season training facility. Not as much as I would have liked to, but I’ve officially joined as a member, so I’ll try my best in the off-season.
  2. Continue my strength training at Laylor Performance Systems. Yes without a doubt.
  3. Stretch more No. I’ve been lazy on this one.
  4. Keeping my arms connected with the body. Yes, this has helped me a lot on ball striking.
  5. Once a week, spend 2-3 hours on putting drills at Lakeshore Links. Once every 2 weeks.
  6. Once a week, spend 1-2 hours on short game. Only been putting, not chipping.
  7. Move to single handicap (currently @13) Yes, accomplished.

After doing some trackman at the golf lab, simulator testing at Lakeshore Links, and at an outdoor range with a friend, I have confirmed that most of the data I’ve recorded are fairly close and precise. Here are my up to date stats and average distances.

Driver – 265Y Carry at 10-12 degree launch
3W – 235 Carry
3Hb – 220Y
4i – 210Y
5i – 195Y
6i – 185Y
7i – 170Y
8i – 160Y
9i – 145Y
Pw – 135Y
Aw – 120Y
Lw – 85Y

To summarize some of the latest achievements, I’ve won a GTA AM Tour event, placed well on the GTANAS events, and placed first for the Roger Cup with player of the year award.

Season is almost over, and I am already planning my schedule for winter training. Next year is going to be very interesting as my wife is pregnant and I am expecting a child at the beginning of golf season (March). Ill keep you guys updated on how a new father will dedicate his time and commitment to becoming par.

Photography Credit: Cyril Ma

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