October 2011


Cambridge Awards Presentation & Taste The World Reception


October 21 2011 – Congrats to all the winners of the award presentation, and we were honored to present the Cambridge Lifetime Achievement Award for Oustanding Contribution to Multiculturalism in Canada to the Hononarable Senator Pamela Wallin. For the Cambridge Cup that happened on August 28th, I presented the Golf Trophy to the winners Alexander So, David Radovini, Oliver Tabarez, and...

GTA Amateur Tour | Order of Merit Titles


Finishing 2nd place at the Tour Championship, and 4th overall in the Order of Merits, I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do this year. One of my goals were met (shoot in the 70s) – I contribute a lot of the success to my swing coach Doug Warner from Golf Town, strength coach Clance Laylor of LPS, practice facility @ Lakeshore Links, and organizers & team at the GTA AM...