August 2013


LPS: It’s a way of life


My firms, XC Agency & Pixelcarve has come together to produce a video to showcase what LPS Athletic Centre is all about. This is the gym I train at during my off season, and I’m proud to be a part of this. Spot me at 0:46. Shoutout to Ryan Priest & Curtis Priest (Spot him at 0:58) for being the lead director and editor on this project. LPS Athletic Centre works with athletes and a...

The Consumer’s Mind: We Make Irrational Decisions


Do you know the reason casinos make money? It’s pretty obvious. The odds are in the casino’s favor. Stretched out over the long-term, casinos have a mathematical advantage over gamblers. Gamblers know the odds yet even when they’re ahead they continue to bet knowing the odds are against them in the long run. Why do gamblers do this? It’s known as escalation of commitment. Gamblers that are...