Experiential Content Is The Key To Better Engagement


Many people start with a design strategy when they should start with the content strategy.

With online initiatives, it can be easy to focus too much on design.

The phrase, “Content Is King” has been used past the point of cliché. Yet today there are still professionals that disregard the importance of content.

Brands that are launching websites, redesigning websites or creating web applications often spend the majority of the project focusing on design. They comb over every detail in the design from margins to colors and content gets lost.

Building content is equally, if not more important than the design of a website.

Creating Content Is The First Step

It’s easy to get excited about design.

The fun part of a new website is collaborating with skilled designers to come up with new and unique ways to engage visitors and get them to convert into customers. There is a lot of information out there about conversion rate optimization and user experience.

But without content a well designed website is just smoke and mirrors. It’s a distraction that ultimately either leaves users wanting more or simply turns them off completely to your brand.

An example would be the thriving industry of predesigned themes. Some are convinced that a good theme can make their website a success. However, most people realized that after installing their theme, it looks nothing like what they have purchased because they are missing the one most essential element of making a theme look great – great content.

The first step to improving your marketing is not design. That comes later.

The first step is creating content, but not just any content.

Experiential Content Turns Visitors Into Customer And Advocates


Experience (philosophy) – All that is perceived, understood and remembered – Dictionary.com

Content is embedded throughout your company. Every piece of text, video and real life interaction with a potential customer or influencer is important content.

With the growth of the Internet it’s become more important to have content that connects with an audience, earns their trust and moves them to become customers.

The way to do this is with experiential content.

Experiential content is using content to tell stories. Specifically, it’s about your brand, your products and your services and why you’re different than other brands.

These stories can go into depth about the history of your brand, your mission and vision for the future and the people that have been part of the success over the years. It can be used to discuss the thought process behind new products or services.

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. People can easily relate to stories. They pull out their own keys and takeaways all while connecting to your brand.

We discussed this earlier when examining why customers purchase from certain brands.

Great Content In Every Marketing Channel

The starting point for your content strategy is your website. The pages on your site need to tell stories and show people why you exist.

The stories you create with your content then become part of your overall content marketing strategy. In fact, it’s not really a marketing strategy without content. You need great content that can connect with potential customers on a variety of channels including PPC, search, social media and any other channel where people can discover your brand.

Design And Content Go Hand In Hand

If you’re in the middle of a design project take the time to step back and assess the project. Bring the focus back to the content that will form the foundation of your marketing strategy.

The design is important, but without content you’re not going to achieve lasting success.

Build the content first with a focus on experiential content that tells stories and forms a connection with your target audience.

From there you can build the design and turn your brand experience into something special that will connect with people and turn them into lasting customers.

If you agree or disagree, let me know below.

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