Who are you really buying from?


Someone sent me this diagram illustrating the majority of the brands that are on your local supermarket shelves. What’s more amazing than the fact that only about 10 corporations run probably 95% of the products you buy, is how they create brand competition within their own market/organization to create higher brand loyalty for certain products.

These are just some quick examples, but I am sure you can conclude to more:
Dreyer’s vs Movenpick vs Nestle Ice Cream = $$$ to Nestle
Tide vs Gain Detergent = $$$ to P&G
Lay’s vs Ruffles Chips = $$$ to Pepsico
Juicy Fruit vs Hubba Bubba Gum = $$$ to Mars

The list goes on. Of course, there are some competiting brands between the 10 corporations, but whatever decision you make, you essentially support one or the other. For fun, spend a few minutes and take a close look at all the brands you buy, and see which corporation you are supporting.

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