February 2010


Becoming Par | Backswing


It seems like forever since I made a post, I am sorry I have been busy, but mainly frustrated.  I’ll explain more in the next couple of post.
Enjoy the video.

Title: 6/8 – Golf Winter Coaching – Back Swing
Description: 2010 02 27 My sixth golf lesson @ Etobicoke Golf Town.

Becoming Par | One Piece Takeaway


Today, the pieces of the puzzle were put together as I finally understand that the stuff I was learning before was to get myself doing a one piece takeaway.  In the past, I noticed I used my arms mainly to take back the club, but by keeping the arms triangularly intact, taking back the club now feels steady and easier to be on plane.  However, I do find myself still straightening my right...

Becoming Par | Extra 20 Yards


Whenever I play golf (outside or simulators) and I see people driving 300+ yards but their swing still looks effortless and smooth, I wonder how they do it.  I know it requires a club head speed, but a lot of this power is not in the arms, but in the back, the waist/stomach, and most importantly the legs.  I can try to swing as hard as I can at the ball using my arms and be completely off target...