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Today, the pieces of the puzzle were put together as I finally understand that the stuff I was learning before was to get myself doing a one piece takeaway.  In the past, I noticed I used my arms mainly to take back the club, but by keeping the arms triangularly intact, taking back the club now feels steady and easier to be on plane.  However, I do find myself still straightening my right leg… and when I try to make it not straighten, I tend to dip a little with my head.  It is a lot to adjust, but Doug gave me about 2-3 weeks to really get this down.  Another note worth mentioning about using this method, it somewhat prolongs my lag to the ball which suppose to give me more power at impact (but we’ll see).

Enjoy the video, the right one is my original, and the left is the fixed.

Title: 5/8 – Golf Winter Coaching with Doug Warner – One Piece Takeaway
Description: 2010 02 06 My third golf lesson with Doug Warner, CPGA of the Etobicoke Golf Town. One piece takeaway.

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