August 2010


Tesla Automotive Innovation at Harry Rosen


Curtis, Ryan & I of Pixelcarve along with Cheryl from Fueled Strategies attended Harry Rosen’s Bloor Street location to celebrate the launch of Tesla’s all-new, all-electric Roadster 2.5. The two-seater has a top speed of 125 mph, along with an impressive 0-60 mph acceleration under 4 seconds. A base price of $108,000 USD, plus extras such as the $3000 high-speed charger, certainly make the...

Becoming Par | First win on the Tour


After 6 tournaments on the Tour, I finally won my first tournament in the GTA Amateur Tour (Flight C).  You can read about it here: In the previous post, I spoke about course management and how it can really lower score, and mentally allows you to play a better game.  Today, I want to expand on that and give you examples of what I did that ultimately led me to this win. If you want to follow the...

Steady play beats the heat at The Nature Valley Open


TORONTO (AUGUST 11, 2010) – A placement type golf course can test a player’s patience in the best of conditions, but throw in some really humid and sticky weather, and you really have to keep a level head if you want to score well. That was just the challenge that GTAAT competitors faced today at Royal Woodbine GC while playing the B-C Flight Nature Valley Open. Fifty-nine players competed today...

Becoming Par | Shoot for Par, Settle for Bogey


I really have everyone to thank for the progress and success I’ve had thus far.  Today, I really want to go into course management and what I have been doing to keep my score down. In the past, there are many times, in fact, most times I’d always want to go for the green in regulation, however more times than not (if you are not within comfortable range) you will end up in danger area...