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I really have everyone to thank for the progress and success I’ve had thus far.  Today, I really want to go into course management and what I have been doing to keep my score down.

In the past, there are many times, in fact, most times I’d always want to go for the green in regulation, however more times than not (if you are not within comfortable range) you will end up in danger area cause most courses will create bunker/hills/water, etc near areas that will really hurt you if decide to take chances.  Of course, you play within your limits… I am different, I am only comfortable with distances up to about 180Y and extremely comfortable with my 60-125Y range (which I can almost always guarantee 9.5/10 shots that they will be on the green in the next shot).

With that being said, Par 5 for me are a given (3 on), while Par 4, if they are like 400Y+, it depends how far I drive it and how much wind there is, but if my second shot ends up to be like a 180Y (something I can’t just land and sit softly), but I know there is water, or even sand trap ahead of me, I will lay it up to a either a chip on distance or bring it to the 75Y-105Y distance.  This will get me 3-on the green, and probably putt once (hopefully) or twice (at most) to make PAR/BOGEY.  At my current level, there is no shame is shooting BOGEY golf, but make sure mentally you are prepared that BOGEY is actually a GOOD thing, than you will minimize the mistakes such as DOUBLE BOGEYS, TRIPLES, or even blow ups at a hole.  Sometimes playing it safe, gets you back on track.  Sometimes I would lose a ball to lateral hazzard, but faced with the same dilemma, I would do the same approach and just two putt for double bogey, try to stick it closer and one putt for bogey.  Risk vs reward, and if you let yourself be OK with that, you will do better at the next hole, and the holes after that.

People say golf is 80% mental, and I agree that it is.  Don’t force yourself to recover from a mistake, just try to minimize the mistake by playing it safer and get to the next hole to keep your calm.

At the beginning of the season, I was shooting in the 100-120s, than I started shooting around the med-high 90’s, and near the end of the season, I am starting to consistently shoot in the mid 80 to low 90s.  See my RCGA network score posting, and you can see my progress.   85% of my scores are attested, and some of my lowest were when I was playing on the GTA Amateur Tour with strict GOLF rules.  Ever since than, I’ve always played with strict rules to keep my score accurate.

PS — The past Saturday, I shot my lowest round ever, 84 on Rolling Hills Championship course, after they have renovated it to be a Par 72 @ ~6340Y from Blue.

Hope this helps, and I’d love for you guys to share your experiences.


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