November 2010


Becoming Par | In-Season and Off-Season Training


I remember earlier this year I mentioned that I was enrolling in personal training with Clance Laylor from Laylor Performance Systems, well, I did, but only briefly in the summer time because it was in the middle of the golf season and I didn’t want to be sore when playing in tournaments. And because of that, I had to stop training in season, which I regret now, because personal training...

Becoming Par | Legs & Hip Clearing, and Build more Width


In these two lessons, Doug has compared me with an LPGA star that has great leg and hip clearing movements because that is where all the power should come from. I’ve always been more hand-sy when coming down, and usually my arm initiates the downswing as opposed to using your legs and hips. In fact, by using my arms, it has a tendency to cause a greater outside in swing which is what...

Brett Wilson the warm hearted Dragon


This evening, the Toronto Board of Trade hosted the One-on-One with Dragons’ Den panelist. We had the opportunity to ask W. Brett Wilson (a Flash site) from Dragons’ Den, along with a very successful entrepreneur Gloria Rajkumar, president of Simac (4th in Profit 100) and Mike Michell, the National Director for Small Business (RBC) a series of questions in regards to entrepreneurship.

Becoming Par | Grip


Season is almost over and I have decided to enroll again in some Fall training program to further refine my game. I have also started doing some off-season personal training with Laylor Performance Systems (Spadina & Wellington), who trains a lot of am & pro athletes. I figured, if I was going to get more power, in a controlled manner I would need to get stronger in general so I am always...

Pixelcarve takes 3 Golds and 2 Silvers


Early morning of November 1st, Pixelcarve were notified by Davey Awards that they were honoured with 2 gold and 1 silver for,, and Conte & Associates. Only 1 of 3 Canadian companies were given this prestige award. “It is humbling to be included amongst such inspiring and cutting-edge work by some of the world’s most passionate boutique agencies.” says...