Jeremy Choi

I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, mentor, and an irredeemable golf addict. Possibly like you, my big hairy audacious goal (vision) is to make a positive dent in this world. I write about creating better leaders, workers, and people. I also write about my experiences in all aspects of my life. These ideas are my experiences living & learning through my own core values; integrity, authenticity, leadership, inspire, and health.

Write Emails That Work


How can you get people to respond to emails especially with all the distraction there is today? Is email the workhorse behind your marketing efforts? If not, maybe it should be. Email’s so powerful it’s crushing both Facebook and Twitter when it comes to online selling according to an article on Wired Magazine’s website. In fact, it ranks just behind organic search and CPC when it comes to online...

Learning To Say “No”


Saying “No” is hard If you’re like me, you hate to say “No” to people too. In fact, I find it one of the hardest things to do in life and business. Why? Maybe it’s because we hate to disappoint people. Or, maybe we feel obligated to say “Yes” because we’re in business. Or, maybe we just want to be the nice guy that just takes everything on. Whatever the reason, saying “No” is hard to do. So we...

The Fallacy Of Sunk Costs


Imagine you’ve gone to your favorite restaurant. You order a great meal and start to eat. The portions are large and the food is fantastic. But after eating two thirds of the meal, you feel full. And today, no take-outs allowed. Would you finish the meal? Many of us would. I probably would. After all, I wouldn’t want the food to be “wasted.” This scenario is a classic case of...

Be More Like Olympians In Business


I had a chance to listen to a truly inspirational speaker recently — paralympian Jeff Adams. He made two key points in his presentation. One was about training and discipline. The other was about passion and money. Both points hit home with me. And I’ll bet they hit home with you, too. Paralympians and Champions Jeff Adams is an amazing athlete. Six-time world champion, he competed in 6...

The Secret To Creating Better Habits


Has this ever happened to you? You get inspired by a TED talk, a dramatic speech, or a great idea, got really excited to do something about it. But you don’t follow-through. And you find yourself doing the same thing you did before. In short, you fall into old habits. Habits rule our lives. Much of what we do is habitual—the way we go to work, where we go to lunch, what we do for fun. But habits...

Step Above The Elevator Pitch


I’ve always been told that in any business, networking is your most important tool. However, no one ever told me that the purpose of networking is to be remembered. Keep in mind, I’ve started my first business when I was 15 – and I’ve attended countless networking / social events since then. Networking started to become a chore because I was doing it all wrong had the wrong mindset. When someone...

5 Tips On Building A Great Culture


Had a chance to chat with Robert Richman, formerly with Zappos and author of The Culture Blueprint. Quite an inspiring fellow! Got me inspired and thinking about new methods I will be applying at all of my companies. One key takeaway from Rob: Culture is co-created – not instilled by leaders. People like to take ownership and contribute to success – but only if they’re part of the process. If you...

Progressive Disclosure To Create Memorable Experiences


Have you ever caught yourself reading long bits of text only to be distracted by a random thought? If you have you’re not alone. A Harvard study found that people daydream about 47% of the time. As you know, it’s difficult to hold one’s attention even if they are interested in something. This is a challenge for brands especially in the online world. People have an enormous amount of options to...