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I have to admit, with workout training 3-5 days a week, and a lot of events in the new years, I barely had time to practice. Also, to keep me motivated, I’ve joined an actual competition with my friends to see who can get abs before May 1st, 2012. About 15 of us, are all competing to see who can lose the most fat to weight percentage and get abs. Woman (leaner stomache), Men (abs). So this has made me cut down on my diet. I’ve started on a strict Paleo diet as recommended by my trainer. I’ll post results.

From the last lesson, Nick gave me homework of:

HOMEWORK: #1 Practice the 3 things in the last lesson.
RESULTS: I haven’t been able to practice as much, but I am starting to feel more comfortable with the swing. So I would say, I didn’t do this, but will continue to.

HOMEWORK: #2 Keep on increasing the ball speed.
RESULTS: SUCCESS. Nick was so surprised when I was pounding 120mph+ ball speed with an 8i on the flightscope/trackman. I even doubted myself. Nick went to verify all the settings, and asked me to hit a couple of more balls, I got to at the highest 128mph. (laugh) — that was probably a fluke. I averaged out about 118mph ball speed after about 12-15 balls. On the flightscope/trackman, my 8i was getting distances from 165Y to ~190Y (the fluke one). This is a result of my confidence in doing the moves Nick is asking me to do so I can swing a lot faster + working out those legs.. swinging in balance is key.

To really understand what these numbers mean, I’ve attached the Trackman official PGA Tour averages below. As you can tell, the average 8i on the PGA Tour is 115mph ball speed at a 18.1 degree launch. I’m hovering around the 19-20 degree right now. Also to keep in mind, the ball speed has a lot to do with how you contact with the ball, sometimes perfect, and most of the times… off.

This third lesson, Nick was happy with 90% of my back swing except for the occasional taking it back too far and letting my hands loose (I’m trying trying to work on that). We worked on the downswing this session to tie it all together. Here are the things I’m working on:

1. My hands staying on the plane line on the way down. (Imagine a line drawn on the same path as my club at address all the way past my body)
2. Lateral shift on my back foot.

See video below for my latest swings (before with slow motion, and more of a natural speed)

#1 Practice the lateral shift on my back foot.

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