Becoming Par | Axis Point and Basic Foot Ball Positions


I never realized that I sway horizontally back so much.  Well, at least I didn’t feel it.  It’s interesting to see as I try Youtubing some pro golf highlights and they don’t sway.  It is going to take some getting used to, but Doug forced me to exaggerate the right leg in order to understand and get a sense of my own swing without the sway.  This makes sense as you want very little moving parts that can potentially affect the outcome of your swing.  The second video is about my foot to ball ratio suggestion.  I use to only place the ball in the middle (except for my driver, where I place it further towards my left leg).  The video illustrates (of course, not to scale) an idea of foot position relative to ball, and clubs.

I went to InnerGolf couple of hours after the lesson to practice this and found that I was striking the ball more consistently and forces me to not bring the back swing pass the horizontal line.  However, I decided to go back at night time (I was so tired), but was soo addicted and I actually started to mishit my shots, and losing grip on the club.  So something I figured, don’t go play golf fatigued. haha.

Anyhow, enjoy another lesson video.

Title: 3A/8 – Golf Winter Coaching with Doug Warner – Axis Point
Description: 2010 01 16 My third golf lesson with Doug Warner, CPGA of the Etobicoke Golf Town. Swinging from an axis point.

Title: 3B/8 – Golf Winter Coaching with Doug Warner – Basic Foot Ball Positions
Description: 2010 01 16 My third golf lesson with Doug Warner, CPGA of the Etobicoke Golf Town. Basic foot and ball positioning.

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