Becoming Par | Backswing Takeaway and Hinge


From the last lesson, Nick gave me homework of:

HOMEWORK: #1 Practice to take away, get used to it. Video tape myself, and make what’s uncomfortable, comfortable because it is right.
RESULTS: Success.

HOMEWORK: #2 Use an 8 iron, and get my ball speed up above 110mph+. Ideally, he wants me at 115. Not club head speed, but ball speed, that’s the only thing he cares about… for now.
RESULTS: Success. I was able to average about 112mph. And this is without using too much effort as I am not used to the swing yet.

The second lesson, is a continuation of the takeaway plus a few more. The things Nick asked me to work on are:

1. Don’t overswing, keep it above parallel.
2. Hinge the hands in only one direction
3. Don’t let go of the club

See video below of my latest swing:

#1 Practice the 3 things above.
#2 Keep on increasing the ball speed.

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