Becoming Par | Chip & Pitch Shots


This lesson covers a little bit on creating chip shots and pitch shots. Doug wanted me to simplify my approach to a chip shot. He told me the easiest stroke in golf should be the putting stroke, so why not try to replicate a putting stroke for the chip. He had the ball more center of the stance, weight forward and use a full putting stroke to strike the ball. Important to note, do not slow down. You should accelerate and be smooth, but don’t force acceleration, nor should you slow down. Consistency is key, and the most important shots are the ones around the green. Hope this helps and enjoy the video.

Title: 7/8 – 2010 Fall Golf Training – Chip and Pitch Shots
Description: 2011 02 17 Lesson at Etobicoke Golf Town. Chip & Pitch Shots

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