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8 Lessons, complete! Finally, learning today about the downswing, and how to turn the hips properly. In the past, because I didn’t learn about the downswing, all I did was try to push forward laterally, but I did it wayyy too much, so my legs, hips, back arms were not completely in sync. If I had to change one thing, and if anyone trains anyone else out there, I would give a complete summary of what we should achieve, then work step by step to achieve that goal. I found that I was excited after each lesson to practice, but then when it goes bad, I feel that I don’t know what the end results should be. I believe if I were given a clearer picture of where I should be, I will know why I am doing the things I’m doing.

So regardless, I started practicing this method and the first 2 times I practiced I was quite frustrated, but yesterday at Inner Golf, I reviewed some of the video from start to end (all 8 of them) and really try to pin point all the moments, focusing using the back, not the arms, and just seeing how I should shift weight.

@Bender — thanks for the kind words
@Hogannut — I totally agree about the favorite club (7 out of 10 shots), because that is what I did with my 8 iron for the last couple of practice rounds and I definitely can see more consistency in striking. My friends will invite me to outdoor driving range, and shoot drivers, and I just brought my 8 iron because I feel as if I can’t even hit one club completely solid, why am I even bothering with other clubs. And yes, half shots are good too, they feel weird sometimes because you always want to stop after contact, but I have to keep reminding myself to follow through.

Notes/Summary of things that I have discovered.

  1. My back, don’t be way too up right, get to that 55 degree bend. Use a cam and find out!
  2. Butt out! Stick that butt out so your weight of your body is still centered. Otherwise, you’ll be leaning forward towards the ball too much and you’ll end up falling over.
  3. Right arm relaxed, but in. The elbow should be facing downwards towards the floor, not outwards.
  4. On the downswing, move laterally couple of inches, and use turn with your legs/hip first, and the rest will unwind. But make sure your posture (butt/back angle) remain pretty steady and your arms will follow.
  5. Becoming par is much harder than expected, but not impossible. I will keep working out, keep practicing, and post scores.
  6. I need to get my putter regrip/cut shorter.

Sometimes keeping notes as you play really helps you remind yourself of things you are doing right, and perhaps things you are doing wrong.

Here are some of my games this year, but keep in mind I was still having lots of trouble on my swing.

I will be heading out this week to play at Maples of Ballantree, and a RogerCup tournament next week, so I will post those scores. I do individual hole by hole scoring, but I am not sure why it doesn’t show up if I don’t log in — if anyone can find the hole by hole statistics that I have entered, let me know the link.

Enjoy the video has anyone else gone this year? How were you doing? And how do you plan on improving?

Title: 8/8 – Golf Winter Coaching – Downswing
Description: 2010 04 23 My last lesson @ Etobicoke Golf Town

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