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Today, I told Doug (since I only have like 3-4 lessons left) that I wanted to get some tips and understanding of the driver (and the last 2 lessons on chipping, pitching). So we went over my driver and what I’ve noticed is that I am coming over the top (outside in swing) and coming across the ball way too fast which I think would result in slices and loss of distance.

Also, I tend to over swing and both my feet tend to fly out of position (as you can see from the first section of the clip). Doug asked me to take two balls and place one near the baby toe of the leading foot, and the other one on the inside near the ball of the leading foot. He told me to swing regularly but make sure those two balls don’t move at all. His goal: to keep me in balance. When I was first hitting, my balls were flying about 40-50 yards L/R, but after this drill, it has helped me straighten up my drive to a 10-20Y L/R… based on the AboutGolf System (Simulator).

Also in this lesson, which is not shown in this video, my drive ball vertical launch was like 17-19 degree which was quite high, Doug wants me to bring it down to about 11-13 degree. There are some things I can do (usually probably cause of the swing), but after that he said you can try to get fitted for a shaft that works best (high / low kick point, etc.), which could also help lower the degree. But first, let’s work on fixing that outside in, hopefully in the next lesson I’ll be cured.

Title: 5/8 – 2010 Fall Golf Training – Hitting the Driver
Description: 2011 01 20 Lesson at Etobicoke Golf Town. Driver off the Tee

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