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The season is coming to a close, and this is the best time to see if the training I have been doing for the past year were giving me the right results, and the answer is… well, keep reading.

2011 Swing Changes and Thoughts

  1. Taking it back with my shoulders, so try to avoid using my hands to initiate the back swing.
  2. Neutral grip to strong grip (seeing more knuckles at address)
  3. Swing path from inside out. This was particularly tough in the beginning but what helped a lot was what I actually heard from the pro at Cedar Brae. He stuck a two two tees down, one being about 12 inch behind the ball on the upper side (avoid hitting it would make sure my swing isn’t over the top), then the second tee about 12 inches in front of the ball. He made me just think about not hitting the tees, and that gave me the feeling of inside out, so my thoughts now are, 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock.
  4. Avoid my back foot from fully turning before impact. One of my biggest problem in the season was that my back foot would be almost close to finishing position at impact, which has caused my swing to come from the outside since it had no room to come from the inside. Therefore, Ive been practicing keeping my foot down with more of a lateral shift then a lift and turn during impact.

2011 Strength Training
Key word is strength. I have been lucky to have been training with Clance at Laylor Performance Systems to help my golf game. He would tell me over and over again, never replicate my swing using weights or swing trainers as those do not work, in fact it will have negative impact. And he’s right, based on my results.

Clance put me on a series of similar programs he uses to help NHL professionals as well as a stretching routine (which I haven’t been doing as much, but I know I should). He wants me to train at least 3-4 times a week, but sometimes with tournaments and vacation in the way, it has been hard but I do manage to get in on average probably 3 times a week.

When I first started, it was discouraging to see how others are benching, squatting, pulling more than me, but I know it takes time, and they were in my shoes when they first started as well. Now after 3 months of off-season and 6 months of in-season training, I can do pull ups and chin ups without problem.

Weight: 152lbs @ 170cm.
Bench: 170lbs
Back Squats: 195lbs
Curl (2 hands): 82.5lbs

2011 Equipment & Stats
These stats were tracked and cross verified with trackman, flightscope, simulators at Lakeshore Links, and Centennial Park Par 3s using Bushnell V2 Tour Laser range finder.

Driver (TM R11 TP 10.5 Stiff) – Carry average 230-245Y – Avg. Club Speed (98-103mph)
3 Wood (TM R11 TP T3 14 Stiff) – Carry average 215Y, Roll 230Y
3 Hybrid (TM 2011 Rescue 19 Stiff) – Carry average 195Y, Roll 215Y
Irons (TM R9 0.5″ Shorter Stiff)
4i – 195-205Y
5i – 190-195Y
6i – 180-185Y
7i – 170-175Y
8i – 155-165Y
9i – 145-150Y
Pw – 130-140Y
Aw – 110-120Y
Lw (TM xFT 60.10) – 75-85Y
Putter (TM-110 Ghost Tour – 32.5”)

Swing Path: Inside-Out

2011 Results & Achievements

  1. Broke 80 3 times
  2. Won 1 GTAAT Tour Event
  3. Placed 2nd @ the GTAAT Championship & 4th in Order of Merits
  4. Increased in distance
  5. Better understanding of club path, face, and impact and how they affect the ball

2012 Plans And Goals

  1. Practice more at a facility that can track the stats I need to improve. I have chosen Lakeshore Links Indoor Golf as my off and in-season training facility.
  2. Continue my strength training at Laylor Performance Systems
  3. Stretch more
  4. Keeping my arms connected with the body
  5. Once a week, spend 2-3 hours on putting drills at Lakeshore Links
  6. Once a week, spend 1-2 hours on short game
  7. Move to single handicap (currently @13)

2012 Plans that I am considering

  1. Find a new instructor to take me to the next level
  2. Aim point sessions

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