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At one of the InnerGolf members night events I was approached by AlfaGolfer and Mark which runs the GTA Amateur Tour (see:  They gave me a quick 10 minute run down of the tour, why they are doing it, and what’s it in for me.  I know in couple of my previous replies that I will start playing in more tournaments this year, well, this was an opportunity to show people that I am a man of my words and I want to do what it takes (as long as it doesn’t break the bank) to get better.   With that said, I decided to join the GTA Amateur Tour probably just making their lowest class (13.1-19.1 handicap).  Well, I don’t quite qualify yet, but I’m close, and I think with tournament play it will definitely bring a new element to my game because I will be surrounded by players better than I am, and in an environment of pressure and excitement.  I always firmly believe in order to get better, you must always play with people that are better than yourself.  Not only that, and quite important, is that if I improve my game, my clients in the future will want to play with me more often because I may be better than them, and its natural (I think) to want to play with people better.

Mark and Brad were very helpful, and pretty much the day after I signed up I got a call from Mark helping me setup everything that I need.  I think, if you sign up earlier you get a goodies bag worth $300+ & since majority of the courses in this tournament are high end/private courses, it’s like you got a private membership for only $155!   It’s a steal!

But that is not all, as a member of this tour, you will also be registered with the GAO/RCGA Handicap.  I’m sure anyone that plays golf knows about these two organizations.  So this will be my bed to keep my stats tracked and my progress on different courses.  I do remember TourIQ asking me if I will be keeping stats on my progression and I definitely will with this system in place.  I just finished editing my profile, and here it is:

You can see my older scores, and other places I’ve played last year that wasn’t a league/tournament game.  I thought I’d played more than that last year, but I guess not 🙂  This year, I’m looking forward to playing with you guys, and making new friends.

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