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Beautiful weather is finally with us, and I have finally purchased a Bushnell Laser Finder to see my distance on a range as opposed to a simulator.  So last week, I asked my friend to bring his tripod to put my Bushnell on, and we measured distance carried.  We went in the early morning where there was almost no balls on the track.  I also tested my swing speed on the simulator, on 3 different ones just to verify the average speed.

Keep in mind that my clubs have been shorten 1/2 inch to match my height (this was measured by Golf Town when I first purchased the clubs).

Driver – Carry: 225-235 with a slight pull/slice – Roll: 240-250+ – Swing Speed: ~95
3 Wood – Carry: 190-200 with a slight pull/slice – Roll: 200-215

4 Hybrid – Carry: 170-185 – Roll: ~5-15Y
4 Iron – Couldn’t get a decent shot out of it.  I usually use the 4 Hybrid.  But I think I can bang 170 out of it.
5 Iron – Carry: 160-165 – Roll: ~5-8Y
6 Iron – Carry: 150-155 – Roll: ~5-8Y
7 Iron – Carry: 145-150 – Roll: ~3-5Y
8 Iron – Carry: 135-140 – Roll: ~1-3Y
9 Iron – Carry: 125-130 – Roll: +/- 1-3Y

P Wedge – Carry: 110-115 – Roll: +/- 1-2Y
S Wedge (56) – Carry: 80-95 – Roll: +/- 1-2Y
L Wedge (60) – Carry: 65-77 – Roll: +/- 1Y

Putter – 0-XX Ft.

That is it for now, I will continue as I progress.  I am trying to get my ball to have good proper flight, so it can land softer and stick.

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