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I finally got bringing back the club nicely, but then I go to screw up other things.  Today, I revisited being on plane but I have also learned a few things about the right arm when bringing the club up to position 4 (top of the backswing).

First I want to talk about my breakthrough, and it all came to me when I was shadow-golfing.  Shadow golfing?  It’s something I do when I’m watching TV (I can’t seem to keep my body still) much like shuffling chips at the Poker Table.  Simply put, I practice and pretend I’m actually swinging a golf club without actually having a golf club, in public, at the office, around people, while I’m watching TV, cleaning, cooking… you get the point.  Well, I realized that in order to keep my left arm straight perpendicular to the ground I just have to get in my ready position at address then let my hands go loose.  When the hands and arms are loose and hanging, I let gravity put my arm at the perfect straight position.  So then I tested this with some golf clubs, and I realized that I feel much further away from the ball, which was odd, but I did some recording at Inner Golf and to my surprise, it was totally straight and when I bring it back — its straight and feels soooooooo much better.   So my advice to you is this, get into addressing position, let your arms loose, place the club where your left hand falls then adjust your position proportionally towards/away from the ball so that you are in the best position when striking the ball.

Second, the right arm.  When you address the ball, loosen up a little the right arm… it should not be tense nor straight.  When viewing from the back, you should be able to see your left arm a little (as you can see from the video).  When you bring the club back, I have a tendency to point my elbow outwards and have the space between my left arm and the elbow to be quite far apart.  I need to bring them closer together consistently so the swing is more in control.

Third, this video has some laser practices in here that will better illustrate the proper swing plane.  As you can see, I am naturally swinging a little flat, but with the guide there, I think I’m starting to understand where it needs to go.  Plus, with my break through, I think it will change up my swing a little — but more importantly, I think I can swing even more comfortably than before.

Lastly, I have to revisit where I place the ball.  See the last video I posted a while ago to see where the ball position should roughly be.

After the lesson today, I did do a volleyball match and I injured my back, so I won’t be practicing for the next couple of days… but I do plan on getting to Inner Golf probably Thursday, Friday, to practice for my Saturday lesson.

Title: 4/8 – Golf Winter Coaching with Doug Warner – Position Position Position
Description: 2010 01 30 My third golf lesson with Doug Warner, CPGA of the Etobicoke Golf Town. Position Position Position.

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