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It was June 20th, 2008, the very first day I started playing a game we all call, golf.  My dad took me to cardinal golf course and I shot probably a 140-150.  Prior to that, I’ve been to the driving range less than 5 times and never owned my own set of clubs.  In fact, the day I first played I was borrowing my dad’s old set of clubs.

Needless to say, I got addicted.  A little history, I’ve always been a sports person… from junior school to high school I was part of the volleyball, basketball, soccer, and tennis team.  So picking up sports quickly has been a part of me.

At the end of the 2008 season (approx. 5-6 course games), my best score was about 120.

2009 was the season that got me really fired up as I played in about 2 charitable tournaments, 1 league (6 games), and about 10-12 regular course play with friends.  And I started hitting up the driving range about once a month.   I didn’t take any lessons yet — mainly I’ve been reviewing videos, watching golf channel, and youtube-ing a bunch of shots just to learn.

By the end of the the 2009 season, my average score was about 98-105.

But I feel that my golf has peaked a little and I don’t really see how I can continue to improve unless I started really understanding and working on my game with a professional.  This sparked me to create this thread keep a log or a book of my progression.

After much research (and that I live downtown), I decided to enroll Doug Warner, CPGA ([email protected]) at Etobicoke Golf Town as my instructor and coach to get me to the next level of playing.  Like some people say, great golfers don’t make great teachers – however, after doing some research online and reviews and just simply talking to instructors, I found Doug to be very approachable and doesn’t up-sell you.  In fact, he spent more time on me sometimes than the allotted time slot that I have booked for my lessons.  He’s even got some credentials under the belt holding many course records (even the one that you need to play at to get your CPGA), and actually been up there winning a couple of major tournaments in the Canadian scene.  So I would say, he can teach and he can play.  That was one of the reasons why I decided to use him.

Aside from that, I know with a great trainer I will need an equally great practicing facility to accommodate me.  This is why I chose Innergolf ( — I spoke with Jef Cox, one of the owners there about getting a membership.  He introduced me to the facility, the equipments, and the rest of the staff who are extremely helpful.  I’ve research a bit on the facilities uptown where they have the true HD projections (it’s a lot better graphics, but still doesn’t beat playing outdoors, the travel time, service, or price.).  I’m mainly there to train, to use the cameras, and to play a course once in a while for fun.  And for $125/mo, it was a steal!  Unlimited play, great location, great facility, great staff all the way.  And best of all, there is free bag storage.

2010 marks the year of progression, and this is the true beginning.  My goal is to break 80, and average in the 80s within the next 2 years, and ultimately become a scratch/par player.  I’m going to start posting my videos & comments, starting with correcting my up swing.   Join me, and/or follow me, in this journey I call Becoming Par.

My current club stats:

DR – 230Y
3W – 210Y
4HB – 190Y
4I – 180
5I – 170
6I – 160
7I – 150
8I – 140
9I – 130
PW – 110
SW – 90
LW (60) – 65

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I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, mentor, and an irredeemable golf addict. Possibly like you, my big hairy audacious goal (vision) is to make a positive dent in this world. I write about creating better leaders, workers, and people. I also write about my experiences in all aspects of my life. These ideas are my experiences living & learning through my own core values; integrity, authenticity, leadership, inspire, and health.

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