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Great news, I’m down to weighing 151 lbs, but my strength has grown tremendously. I can bench: 195lbs, squat: 230lbs, 12 full clean chin ups, and dead lift about 240lbs (just started with dead lift). This new program LPS has me on is a 4 time a week program consisting of squats 3 of the 4 workout days. As for golf, I have been spending a lot of time putting in my condo, and at Lakeshore Links. Results have been positive, and I feel as I am getting the hang of this new swing/concept.

From the last lesson, Nick gave me homework of:

HOMEWORK: #1 Practice the lateral shift on my back foot.
RESULTS: IN PROGRESS. There are times where I feel like I am pushing off from the ball/toe of my feet, so I have to continue make more of a conscious effort to push sideways with the inside of my foot.

This forth lesson, Nick and I worked on my path. I was essentially coming way to inside-out so the workability of the ball is quite limited. He is setting me on drills to make it so that my path is more straight. Or at least, very minimal inside out (no greater than 4 degree).

The video below is the last video of the lesson where he has me focusing on trying to do an outside-in swing on purpose.

#1 Feel more outside-in, get the feeling.
#2 Limit back swing to not pass parallel.

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