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Today my lesson with Doug is refining the take back, and examining the right swing plane.  I’ve always been flat in my upswing and to prove it, Doug installed a laser pointer on the end of my club.  He mentioned that it’s from  Nifty tool for $100, they even have one for your putter.   One thing I did notice using this device is that when you are swinging – the first half of your swing your club face should face the “line sight” from the ball to the target.  What I mean by that you have to mentally draw a line from the target and pass the ball which I will call the line sight.  When you get to position 2 (see 1:25 of the video) your club should be parallel, and when you are at position 3, see 3:16), your club should be targeted onto the swing plane.   As you can tell, I still have lots to work on.  This will ultimately make me play worst at the beginning, but fixing the fundamentals I believe will help me achieve higher results in the end.

Anyhow, enjoy the lesson video – I’m off to InnerGolf for some practicing.

Title: 2/8 – Golf Winter Coaching with Doug Warner – The Right Plane
Description: 2010 01 02 My second golf lesson with Doug Warner, CPGA of the Etobicoke Golf Town. Learning the plane.

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