Becoming Par | Upper Body & Winter Practice Facility


Today was quite simply a review of what I need to do. And that is to initiate with more upper body as opposed to arms, but I think there is a fine balance between both, you still need to have the right arm movement vs. shoulder movement. See video below to see what I’ve done in this lesson.

Not many of us have the time to go south during the winter time to enjoy courses, so for us we’re stuck with either not playing or waiting till Spring. Well, last year I was at Inner Golf, but that is now closed so I found another gem in the city close by to where I live. Lakeshore/Carlaw (takes me about 5 minutes to drive from Spadina/Front area)… it’s called Lakeshore Links. They have 9 High Definition simulators, lots of courses and ranges to choose from and 2 private rooms with one of them having a camera setup so you can hit and review. I was watching Hank Haney’s Project and he mentioned that you should try to at least practice 2-3 times a week. And he said to Rush, at least hit 100 balls a day! So if you are serious about getting better, sitting there and watching Golf Channel can give you advice and mental preparation, but nothing beats going out to hit a few balls with a goal in mind. Course, once I hit about 100 balls or so, I quickly flip it to Game mode and play 18 holes (that way, I get to keep changing up the clubs, and treat it like I was playing on a real course).

Title: 4/8 – 2010 Fall Golf Training – Upper Body
Description: 2010 12 15 Lesson at Etobicoke Golf Town. Upper Body

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