Becoming Par | Wind, Rain & Cold @ Coppinwood



Today, I had great company with me at the GTA AM Tour Event @ Coppinwood. If you haven’t played this course before, it is beautiful and it probably has one of the best practice facility I’ve been to.

Unfortunately mother nature didn’t favour us today as it was cold, rainy, and windy. 3 things you probably don’t want to have together. I did not win this event, but that doesn’t matter. I was just overall not thrilled with my performance. I know I could of done better, and I will do better next time.

Here is my score card:

I started off pretty well with back to back pars, but I will go over some highlights.

Hole 3: When I got to the green side bunker, I went from one to the other, which got me a triple bogey. I skulled the first bunker shot, wasn’t confident enough to just blast it, held back so my body probably came up.

Hole 5: Tee shot, hit the rough near the bunker than rolled it’s way back into the water on the left. Dropped, chipped it (skull again, trying to get fancy with a flop shot since I had to go over the bunker with only about 6 feet of green to the pin). I usually have this shot down, but I guess during tournament conditions, I probably let fear take the best of me. So lesson learned, when you decide the club and shot, commit and just do it.

Hole 13: With the wind, I hit a pretty solid drive leaving me only 147Y left to the pin. With the bunker in the middle protecting a front pin, I aimed it a little right with an 8i (normally without the bunker, I would do a 9i, but I rather be a little longer than shorter and end up in the bunker if I mis-hit). Good choice as I put it onto the green in 2, with an eagle chance. The putt was just an ½ an inch off on the high side, and about 3 inches pass the hole for a tap in birdie. Love those!

Hole 14: This was an interesting hole, as the next two holes were the ones I got filmed (so you’ll be seeing these poor performances on video when Capture Snatch is done editing them for the tour.) The wind was so strong, my driver went about 200Y, with only about 92Y left to the pin in not the greatest lie, I chunked my wedge. I chipped it from one rough to another, and 3 putted for a beautiful 7. The next hole wasn’t a lot better, but it was standard mistakes.


So all in all, I know I can and will do better at the next event. I never got mad at any shot — I always try to stay calm and forget about the last shot… it’s the past.

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  • Was really hoping you’d drop the Eagle, next time! That wind was pretty heavy in the back 9, really great effort battling with it. Video coming soon!