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Cambridge ACCE-Campbell Multicultural Award


Thank you to the Cambridge Food & Wine Society for selecting us as the 2013 winners for the ACCE-Campbell Multicultural Award. We’re very honor to share the same stage as some of the other winners. Thank you to Joyce Lau Photography. More event photos are all on her album here.  To see the full list of award winners from different years and different categories, please view the Cambridge 2013...

Experiential Content Is The Key To Better Engagement


Many people start with a design strategy when they should start with the content strategy. With online initiatives, it can be easy to focus too much on design. The phrase, “Content Is King” has been used past the point of cliché. Yet today there are still professionals that disregard the importance of content. Brands that are launching websites, redesigning websites or creating web applications...

How Bad Do You Want it?


Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, author, activist, and a minister. Here is an awesome speech he gave to a group of students on the secrets to success. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful. – Eric Thomas This was quite inspirational for me, and I plan on playing this once a week for myself. But don’t take what he says literally...

Turn Customers Into Fans: Start with the Why


To Earn The Trust Of Your Customers You Have To Explain The “Why” Marketers have become really good at explaining product features. Go to any number of eCommerce websites or B2B vendor websites and you’ll find scores of product and service descriptions. The focus is usually on features such as: Intel Core i7 Processor Breathable mesh upper Spring-back lumbar support These features are...

LPS: It’s a way of life


My firms, XC Agency & Pixelcarve has come together to produce a video to showcase what LPS Athletic Centre is all about. This is the gym I train at during my off season, and I’m proud to be a part of this. Spot me at 0:46. Shoutout to Ryan Priest & Curtis Priest (Spot him at 0:58) for being the lead director and editor on this project. LPS Athletic Centre works with athletes and a...

The Consumer’s Mind: We Make Irrational Decisions


Do you know the reason casinos make money? It’s pretty obvious. The odds are in the casino’s favor. Stretched out over the long-term, casinos have a mathematical advantage over gamblers. Gamblers know the odds yet even when they’re ahead they continue to bet knowing the odds are against them in the long run. Why do gamblers do this? It’s known as escalation of commitment. Gamblers that are...

Best Web Practices for Law Firms


After a recent article that my firm has published on our blog, we have gotten quite a bit of attention on best practices and changing the face of law firm identities online. So we’ve decided to share some of our best practices that we’ve learned through our 15 years in business. It can sometimes be said that the greater the legal eloquence, the more convoluted, wordy and confusing the...

Embrace Your Differences To Get More Customers


Mark’s Wearhouse doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. They narrow their focus and developed a brand that was truly different. Do you remember those Mentos commercials from the ‘90s? They were cheesy and awful, yet people remembered them and the campaign helped Mentos become a favorite breath mint around the world. Mentos commercials followed a formula of having people put in awkward...

Brands Becoming Smarter With Real-Time Marketing


It’s amazing how fast brands respond to world happenings today. Thanks to tools like Twitter, instant messaging and other technology, information moves quickly. As a result, brands are adapting to produce content in real-time and it’s making for some great marketing and advertising efforts. Recently, I came across an interview with Noah Brier of percolate on eMarketer. The entire interview is...

Welcoming New Family Member


March 5th, 2013 – 5:51:36 AM, we welcome in our newest family member Carly Choi, weighing in 6lbs 3oz.
We thank everyone for their well wishes, and hope for you to meet her soon!
We’re very happy and excited to start this new adventure.

BlackBerry 10 Commercial


We released a pre-super bowl commercial for the new BlackBerry 10 Launch. Just 2 days before the actual super bowl, the commercial went viral around the web reaching over 200,000+ views in less than 1 day. See it below:

One of the biggest BlackBerry media outlet, CrackBerry took notice and here is a snippet of what Kevin Michaluk said,

Becoming Par | Goals Accomplished


No, not par yet. However I’ve set out some goals this year like becoming stronger and getting to a single digit handicap. Well, 3 weeks back I was officially dropped to a 9.6 handicap! Much of this success comes from training on and off the course. And I would say 90% of it came from short game as you can tell from the latest stats on GolfShot. Of course, being stronger does certainly help...

Cambridge Cup 2012


On behalf of the Cambridge Food & Wine Society, I chair an annual charitable golf tournament.  This year, we’re hosting it at the Lionhead Golf & Country Club on Saturday, September 22nd, 2012. Every year, golfers at all skill levels (hackers and avid golfers) come out to compete & network with new people, and see old friends.  Unlike many charity tournaments, our format is...

Becoming Par | No Excuses


When the weather has been so nice, it’s been difficult to want to train nor practice. I tend to just want to play a round again, and again. One week, I even played 9 rounds. Also doesn’t help that Nick Starchuk is now at a private club and not really able to continue to teach as much. But it’s no excuse not to do what I need to do to best to improve my golf game. My trainer Clance from LPS gave...