Royal Poker Tour 2010


In 2009 when I was on the Advertures of the Sea, I won a 50 people sit & go tournament to secure me tickets for 2 and a seat at the RPT main event that took place December 11th to 18th, 2010 on the Oasis of the Sea (the biggest cruise boat at its time). This event had approximately 300 people competing, and the tournament was played in 5 days.

I personally didn’t like the system because they didn’t have enough tables (only 16) to field a full 300 people tournament, they had to do a day one shootout format from 9 players to 2. 2 remaining will advance to the following day. Which means, a lot of bingos. Blinds were generous at 30 minutes, but about 3 blinds in, people were just going all-in left right and center. I was knocked out when there was 4 players left: All-in K K vs. Chip Leader 10 J unsuited preflop. Flops: 10 J 8, Turns 6, Rivers J giving him a full boat. But that is Poker. Overall, the prizing was a little low, but the dealers & organizers did an amazing job. Thank you Club Royale for hosting such an event,and congratulations to the winner.

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