January 2011


Becoming Par | Off-Season Training Progress


As promised, I will continue to post my results on my personal training with Clance Laylor @ Laylor Performance Systems. After the first program, we did a BioSignature measurement and the results are quite good. Although afterward, I went on an one week cruise for a Poker Tournament and ate too much, and the Christmas dinners kept coming and coming when we got back, it’s time to shake that...

Becoming Par | Swing Shortening & The Whip


Today, I’ve made one critical discovery that I think changed my swing thoughts completely. I am not sure if it is positive, or negative, but I do know is that I got my swing speed quite a bit higher using a lot less effort. This discovery came to me as I was watching Bruce Lee (a documentary) and Googling the concept of his intial martial art style, Wing Chun. As some of you might know...

Becoming Par | Driver Time


Today, I told Doug (since I only have like 3-4 lessons left) that I wanted to get some tips and understanding of the driver (and the last 2 lessons on chipping, pitching). So we went over my driver and what I’ve noticed is that I am coming over the top (outside in swing) and coming across the ball way too fast which I think would result in slices and loss of distance. Also, I tend to over...

NAAAP @ Harvest Food Bank


Today was a cold day, but we were once again able to help pack food for people who are in need. The team at NAAAP along with other volunteers (Perry, Nalini, Anh & Josh) for helping out. We look forward to this next year.
Did you know? Cans without an expiry date typically means that they can actually sit on a shelf for a lifetime? Yes, more than 100 years.