April 2010


Becoming Par | Downswing


8 Lessons, complete! Finally, learning today about the downswing, and how to turn the hips properly. In the past, because I didn’t learn about the downswing, all I did was try to push forward laterally, but I did it wayyy too much, so my legs, hips, back arms were not completely in sync. If I had to change one thing, and if anyone trains anyone else out there, I would give a complete...

NAAAP Toronto’s Industry Career Series


I’ve been selected as a panelist for the upcoming NAAAP event “Special Edition Industry Career Series Mixer”.  You can find me speaking at the Entrepreneurship table (No. 7). Below are some details about the event: Introducing our Career Panelists for; Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Law, Accounting, Health, and Entrepreneurship Have you ever thought about a career change? Are...

Becoming Par | Scorecard


TourIQ wrote in earlier posts how I plan on keeping score and while reading Golf Digest, I came across this scorecard that I have now printed out like several copies and used it on several courses now. I recommend everyone do the same, and I will update my RCGA Network score card with the last couple of times I’ve played outdoors this season. Aside from that, for the last 3-4 weeks, I kept...