January 2010


Becoming Par | Position, Position, Position


I finally got bringing back the club nicely, but then I go to screw up other things.  Today, I revisited being on plane but I have also learned a few things about the right arm when bringing the club up to position 4 (top of the backswing). First I want to talk about my breakthrough, and it all came to me when I was shadow-golfing.  Shadow golfing?  It’s something I do when I’m...

Becoming Par | Excel through Competition


At one of the InnerGolf members night events I was approached by AlfaGolfer and Mark which runs the GTA Amateur Tour (see: ).  They gave me a quick 10 minute run down of the tour, why they are doing it, and what’s it in for me.  I know in couple of my previous replies that I will start playing in more tournaments this year, well, this was an opportunity to show people that I am a man of my...

Becoming Par | Leg Transitions of Hogan


Doug asked me to Youtube & observe Ben Hogan at Augusta. He mentioned that I should not copy his swing, but focus on observing his leg transition. I am guessing this is a hint of where some raw power of a swing comes in. I’m embedded the video here, or you can go directly to this YouTube link: Doug said, “Jeremy: Please observe his right leg from 3:36 – 3:46 and from 5:33...

Becoming Par | Axis Point and Basic Foot Ball Positions


I never realized that I sway horizontally back so much.  Well, at least I didn’t feel it.  It’s interesting to see as I try Youtubing some pro golf highlights and they don’t sway.  It is going to take some getting used to, but Doug forced me to exaggerate the right leg in order to understand and get a sense of my own swing without the sway.  This makes sense as you want very...

Becoming Par | The Right Plane


Today my lesson with Doug is refining the take back, and examining the right swing plane.  I’ve always been flat in my upswing and to prove it, Doug installed a laser pointer on the end of my club.  He mentioned that it’s from  Nifty tool for $100, they even have one for your putter.   One thing I did notice using this device is that when you are swinging – the first half of...

Becoming Par | Philosophy of Learning


“Make the least number of movements in the smallest amount of space” PHILOSOPHY OF LEARNING In the last forty years the game of golf has come a long way.  Innovation and technology in equipment have improved to a level where tolerances have been maximized. Golf courses are manicured to perfection.  The information available to instructors is abundant both from a physiological and psychological...

Becoming Par | The Beginning


It was June 20th, 2008, the very first day I started playing a game we all call, golf.  My dad took me to cardinal golf course and I shot probably a 140-150.  Prior to that, I’ve been to the driving range less than 5 times and never owned my own set of clubs.  In fact, the day I first played I was borrowing my dad’s old set of clubs. Needless to say, I got addicted.  A little history...