Golf & Fitness


Becoming Par | Chip & Pitch Shots


This lesson covers a little bit on creating chip shots and pitch shots. Doug wanted me to simplify my approach to a chip shot. He told me the easiest stroke in golf should be the putting stroke, so why not try to replicate a putting stroke for the chip. He had the ball more center of the stance, weight forward and use a full putting stroke to strike the ball. Important to note, do not slow down...

Becoming Par | Off-Season Training Progress


As promised, I will continue to post my results on my personal training with Clance Laylor @ Laylor Performance Systems. After the first program, we did a BioSignature measurement and the results are quite good. Although afterward, I went on an one week cruise for a Poker Tournament and ate too much, and the Christmas dinners kept coming and coming when we got back, it’s time to shake that...

Becoming Par | Swing Shortening & The Whip


Today, I’ve made one critical discovery that I think changed my swing thoughts completely. I am not sure if it is positive, or negative, but I do know is that I got my swing speed quite a bit higher using a lot less effort. This discovery came to me as I was watching Bruce Lee (a documentary) and Googling the concept of his intial martial art style, Wing Chun. As some of you might know...

Becoming Par | Driver Time


Today, I told Doug (since I only have like 3-4 lessons left) that I wanted to get some tips and understanding of the driver (and the last 2 lessons on chipping, pitching). So we went over my driver and what I’ve noticed is that I am coming over the top (outside in swing) and coming across the ball way too fast which I think would result in slices and loss of distance. Also, I tend to over...

Royal Poker Tour 2010


In 2009 when I was on the Advertures of the Sea, I won a 50 people sit & go tournament to secure me tickets for 2 and a seat at the RPT main event that took place December 11th to 18th, 2010 on the Oasis of the Sea (the biggest cruise boat at its time). This event had approximately 300 people competing, and the tournament was played in 5 days.

Becoming Par | In-Season and Off-Season Training


I remember earlier this year I mentioned that I was enrolling in personal training with Clance Laylor from Laylor Performance Systems, well, I did, but only briefly in the summer time because it was in the middle of the golf season and I didn’t want to be sore when playing in tournaments. And because of that, I had to stop training in season, which I regret now, because personal training...

Becoming Par | Legs & Hip Clearing, and Build more Width


In these two lessons, Doug has compared me with an LPGA star that has great leg and hip clearing movements because that is where all the power should come from. I’ve always been more hand-sy when coming down, and usually my arm initiates the downswing as opposed to using your legs and hips. In fact, by using my arms, it has a tendency to cause a greater outside in swing which is what...